A Beginners Guide to Google Ad Grants

By Susan Lambiase, upriseUP

Susan Lambiase

At upriseUP we’re delighted to be part of Community Impact Bucks’ Digital Journey Conference, and can’t wait to run our session on one of our biggest loves – Google Ad Grants . In this blog we’ll explain the application process as we are evangelical about getting charities of all sizes to make the most of this fantastic resource.

What is a Google Ad Grant?
If you are a registered charity with a website you can (and should!) apply for an Ad Grant from Google where you are given the equivalent of $10,000 a month to spend on Pay Per Click advertising in Google AdWords to promote your organisation!

Why you can’t ignore them
You can use a Google Ad Grant to attract potential donors, raise awareness, promote campaigns and so much more. We love Google Grants because they are:

  • Effective
    Nothing is more effective than being in front of somebody at the exact time they are looking for your product or service. This can mean an extra 300+ well qualified web visits per day.
  • Quick
    After a little bit of admin at the start it can be quick to get your Google Ad Grant approved and as soon as you have that green light you can get going, having your ads show, straight away.
  • Free!
    This is advertising for free! In this case there IS such a thing as a free lunch. Yes there are some restrictions but can you really afford to not tap into this resource?

Am I eligible?
In the UK you need to be registered with the Charity Commission with a charity number, or have charitable exempt status with the HMRC. There are a few types of charities that are not eligible (including government entities, hospitals and academic institution) and google reserves the right to decline an application for any reason, but this is rare!

How do I apply?
There are a few steps but we’ve usually managed to get a grant within a month. Don’t be put off!

  • Register with TT-Exchange (Technology Trust)
    You may well already be registered, as TT-Exchange offer reduced cost software for charities. We often find someone else in your organisation has signed up. If not, signing up for is straightforward for registered charities, you will need basic information including your charities mission statement (those that are apply with only charitable exempt status from the HMRC will need to submit a number of supporting docs).
  • Apply for Google for Nonprofits
    You will need a ‘token’ that you generate from your TT-Exchange account once that is approved and again need to provide a few details including a one sentence mission statement.
  • Set up a Google AdWords Account
    Whilst step 2 is in progress you can set up a Google AdWords account. Make sure you set the currency as USD and that you don’t complete ANY billing details. You will need to set up at least one campaign, one active unpaused ad, and at least one keyword in order to be considered eligible. Your campaign must be set to the Search Network only, and the destination URL for your ad must be a location on your charities site.
  • Apply for a Google Ad Grant
    Once you receive the notification from Google for Nonprofits that you are signed up, and you have set up your AdWords account as per step 3, you can take the final step and apply for the Google Ad Grant.

Log into your Google for Non-Profits account, and click ‘Enrol for Google Ad Grants’ under My Organisations > Enrolments. The form requires your AdWords Customer ID, as well as a checklist that your account satisfies the criteria for the Google Ad Grant, you will also need to supply 300-500 words describing how your organisation plans to use AdWords to make a social impact.

Once the account has been authorised by the Google Grants Team (it can take 30 days from submission of the application, although in our experience it is reviewed much more quickly than this), you will have a $330 to ‘spend’ each day in Google AdWords!

Now what do I do?
Now the fun starts! At upriseUP we specialise in the charity sector and have worked on over 50 accounts. We are experts at getting the best results from Google AdWords and think it is time we shared some of our learnings.  To help charities understand where to start and where to concentrate their efforts we’ve pulled together a whole guide to help you .

We can help
Come along to our session at the Digital Journey Conference where we’ll be giving practical guidance on how to get the most out of Google AdWords – we’d love to see you. We’ll also be exhibiting so do pop by our stand.

If you would like any more information, or help with applying for a Google Ad Grant, then please get in touch .


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